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About Ads Txt Code Generator Tool

Ads.txt, short for Authorized Digital Sellers, is a text file designed to reduce ad fraud such as domain theft or alleged domain hijacking. It increases the transparency of the publisher ad inventory by revealing where impressions are purchased and resold. By allowing publishers to publicly list authorized sellers of their ad inventory, ads.txt can prevent fraudulent instances of unauthorized inventory sales. Ads.txt also enables ad buyers to validate the sellers and thus avoid unauthorized traffic sales. The publishers add the ads.txt file on the website, confirming their ownership of the domain and indicating partner accounts eligible to sell their ad inventory. As a result, advertisers can easily access the list of all authorized publishers and their ad inventory online. When the advertiser receives a bid request from the publisher, all he has to do is match the publisher account ID with the ads.txt file. Copy your publisher ID from the AdSense dashboard and paste it in the above field and hit the Generate button.