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About Favicon Fetcher Tool

In website design, favicons are typically shrunken logos of a business or organization used to help with branding. Favicons appear in the corner of a website tab and usually include the logo design of the website you are visiting. Favicons are tiny in size and have specific requirements, which is why it is essential to know how to make a favicon for any website you own or manage. Usability of a site correlates to higher search engine ranking. So, if having a favicon next to your website title on browser tabs, on bookmarks, on history archives and so on, helps a user save time, identify and browse your website without difficulties, they may have a rather minuscule but noteworthy role in SEO. With a favicon you seem to have a higher advantage over websites that do not when it comes to saving and keeping a website bookmark on the browser. You can fetch favicon by providing the website URL in the above field.