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About Permalink Generator Tool

Permalink is another name for the URL of an individual blog post or web page. It is what you write on a web browser address bar if you want to visit a particular article. Short for permanent link, permalink also means a web address that is expected to remain the same. It is usually readable and easy to understand not only for target audiences but also for search engines. If the permalinks on your site are not working or put together correctly, it can lead to various issues like broken links and a high bounce rate. The permalink is a crucial part you need to include in your checking list when it comes to blogging or managing a website content in general. This is because it affects the usability of your site. Clean and readable permalinks are more attractive and have a higher chance of getting clicked compared to long or spammy looking ones. Permalinks are also important for building a solid website structure and improving search engine optimization. Just copy your title and paste it in above field and click on Generate button, permalink will be generated and will be shown below it.