Social Content Locker Tool

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About Social Content Locker Tool

A Content Locker is a marketing tool that you can use to increase your subscriber base. Suppose you know have some really good content on your website or blog that you are sure that your readers will be compelled to read. So with a Content locker, you can show a little portion of the article, as a teaser, and then prompt the reader to subscribe to your site to get full access. There might also be other actions including Liking or sharing the content to gain access. So you can also use a Content locker to increase your online presence. Overall, the main philosophy is to choose high-value content and lock it so that the readers can only gain access if they do certain things you want them to. However, do not lock all content on your site, especially not the mediocre one, or else your readers will feel cheated and this might leave a bad impression. So lock your content with this snippet, to unlock visitors will need to share one of the social links, ideal for blog articles, posts, increase your websites visibility.