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About Webpage Plain Text Converter Tool

Plain text is any document or text file that only contains the text. It is different from a rich text document, and a plain text page cannot have fonts, bold text, or any other special formatting. Converting HTML files to plain text can be beneficial for users and business owners. The most common issue that people face is the unavailability of the internet. So, convert the webpage into plain text and read it whenever you need it. Moreover, you can view the file offline. For a non-technical person, understanding HTML is not easy. For example, you want to convey important information to your team; you can highlight the plain text. On the other hand, it would be difficult to do in the HTML format. Once the document is converted and saved as plain text, you can get its print. Moreover, you can convert it into the desired format like PDF or Word. These formats are easy to share and print. Copy the URL and paste it in the box above and click on Convert button and you will get a plain text version free from HTML codes, JavaScript, and links.